Junior Handler open championship

Junior Handler nyílt bajnokság

Entry call for the Junior Handler open championship to be held on 19-20-21st May, 2018 in Szilvasvarad


MEOESz Junior Handler Committee is happy to announce that it is organizing a competition for juniors on the occassion of the above Show.

We kindly ask you to make a thorough decision on entering because in case of coming up with a placement, your participation is definitely expected in the Supreme BIS on the third day.

Entry deadline is 12:00 am on the day of the Show in the Show Office.

The first place winners of the daily competitions (in the 1 – II. age group) are participating the Supreme BIS on the third day.
The person who is placed first on a specific day, cannot enter additional shows.

The first place winners of the Junior Handler competition of all age groups (consequently 6 persons) are taking part in the Supreme BIS judged by a distinct judge on the third day. The first price winner of the third day is the Winner of the Supreme Junior Handler competition – the lucky person is also rewarded a cup.

In case a foreign competitior comes up on the highest step of the podium, automatically the second and/ or the third prize winner is the Hungarian Supreme Winner. In case all the three competitors turn out to be foreigner, we declare no Hungarian Supreme Winner.

The Hungarian Supreme Junior Handler is automatically qualifed for the Junior Handler Gala to be held at the end of the year.

In case you have further questions, we kindly ask you to turn to Ms Zsuzsa Dobaion +36 20/ 9 348 925.


on the fist day:            Maximilian Mayer / A

on the second day:      Thomas Wastiaux / B

on the third day:         Mester Virág / H

Supreme BIS: Lisa Croft-Elliott / GB


Ebtenyésztõk Heves Megyei Egyesülete
H-3396 Kerecsend, Pf.: 3.
A kiállítás helyszíne / Show Venue : Szilvásvárad, Lovas Stadion (GPS: 48.0977257649 | 20.389187444 )
T: +36-30-9827421 (Deutsch), +36-70-4572769 (English),
E: agriakennel@t-online.hu
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