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Még 5 nap !!!

Dear exhibitors !

On August 20-24 2020, we will organize a large-scale international dog show in Szilvásvárad!

Szilvásvarád CACIB bíró lista

Dear friends !

We published the new judgelist - dates - informations about Szilvasvarad 3xCACIB Show and Clubshows.

Nevezési probléma
If you have any question/problem with your previous entries ( April ) please contact with Zita Mód: +36704572770 ...
Nevezési díjak kezelése
Dear Exhibitors, Let me give you some information again about the management of the already paid entry fees paid of the Szilvásvárad International Dog Show. Our organization will not refund the entry fee but despite of the force majeure w...
ÚJ IDŐPONT! - Szilvásvárad CACIB
Dear Exhibitors, I regret to inform you that the government regulation enacted due to COVID-19 does not allow us to organize our international dog show series scheduled for 11-12-13 April 2020 in Szilvásvárad. Our exhibition will be pos...
Open Show

The ’Open Show’ is traditionally an accompanying programme of major shows mostly in the Unites States but also in certain European countries, without awarding FCI titles.

Bírói lista 2020
Dear Exhibitors! Attention! Change of Judge! Please note in some cases there are new judges appointed. You can find the changes in red. The judge list is available on the link below:
Speciális champion
Special champion rules at the Szilvásvárad CACIB Show weekend: At the Szilvásvárad CACIB Show weekend you have a special opportunity for receive the title Hungarian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion and Hungaria...


Ebtenyésztõk Heves Megyei Egyesülete
H-3396 Kerecsend, Pf.: 3.
A kiállítás helyszíne / Show Venue : Szilvásvárad, Lovas Stadion (GPS: 48.0977257649 | 20.389187444 )
T: +36-30-9827421 (Deutsch), +36-70-4572769 (English),
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